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Meet Our Holiday Greens

This glossary is a refrence tool for you to see the wide variety of trees, greens, accents, branches, pots, wreaths, and the many other things we well here at the Farmers Market Annex in November and December.

Trees     Wreaths & Swags    Patio Pots     Garland    Boughs    Accents    Branches


Balsam Fir
Fir - Balsam

The classic Christmas Tree. This tree does very well indoors (with water). Branches of flat needles and a perfect cone shape. A wide range of heights and widths available.


Canaan Fir
Fir - Canaan

This is like a Balsam and Fraser Fir had a love child. A relative new comer to the Christmas Tree world. You get a flatter needles of the Balsam Fir, but with the heartiness and longevity of the Fraser.


Fir - Concolor

Like a tree with some curves? This is the tree for you. A thinner tree than other Firs, but longer needles than them as well. The curves come from both those longer needles and its branching. Both have a curl to them that you won't find in other evergreens.

Fraser Fir
Fir - Fraiser

The classic Christmas Tree +1. Same range of sizes and shapes as the Balsam, and still has that classic cone shape. This tree doesn't shed as much as the Balsam and has fuller branches of needles. The most popular tree.


Korean Fir
Fir - Korean

A unique variety you won't find anywhere else in town! These have soft, bright green needles. The tree has a more layered look (Charlie Brown Tree like). But the sweet smell of these trees are second to none. Be the first in your family to bring home one of these!


Scotch Pine
Pine - Scotch

Longer needles and fuller branches than the Whtie Pine. Tends to be more blue-green or even yellowish than the White Pine as well. A great Christmas tree!


White Pine
Pine - White

No, it's not actually white (well, unless it snows that is). Long soft needles in a darker green tone. Classic cone shape but does shed more than a Fir. But, no less of an excellent option.


Colorado Blue Spruce
Spruce - Colorado Blue

The classic Spruce! Strong, full branches of blueish-green needles. Long lasting and a touch of uniqueness in a world where most use Fir trees for Christmas.


Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Trees

In Balsam or Fraser, a thinner looking tree than the traditional Firs. Gives a very old fashioned look. Snoopy not included.


Table Top Tree
Table Top Trees

Mini versions of our trees. They're so cute!


Wreaths & Swags

Fraser Fir Wreaths
Fraser Fir Wreaths
Fraser Fir Wreaths

We make the best wreaths in town! Unlike most other wreaths you'll find in town, we only use high quality Fraser Fir for our standard weaths. They come in 24", 30", 36", 48", and 60" and you can get them either decorated or undecorated. We make these in house, so they are always fresh!


West Coast Wreaths
West Coast Wreaths

These beautiful wreaths are made out in Oregon and brought in fresh for us. They are made of a unique mix of greens.


Door Swag
Door Swags

These swags add a splash of the holidays with a mix of greens and berries. Made in house.


Centerpieces & Mantlepieces

We let our designers creativity run wild making these. Our Centerpieces are a smaller arrangelent perfect for your table, and our Mantlepieces are a larger version to go above those stockins hanging from the fireplace.


Patio Pots

Patio Pot
Patio Pots

The best patio pots in town! They are made in house and come in two sizes; our Medium in a 10" pot and our Large in a 12" pot. They feature a mix of spruce tops, fraser fir, white pine, and dogwood. Get one or get a deal on two!



Balsam Garland
Balsam Fir Garland

The classic holiday garland. Made in house and sold in 25' ropes.


Cedar Garland
Cedar Garland

One of our best sellers last season. The most fragrant of our garlands. Made in house and sold in 15' ropes


Fraser Garland
Fraiser Fir Garland

Same quality fraser as our wreaths. Made in house and sold in 25' ropes.


Mixed Garland
Mixed Garland

A balsam and white pine mix. Made in house and sold in 25' ropes.


Pine Garland
White Pine Garland

Light, airy white pine. Made in house and sold in 15' ropes.


Greens & Boughs

Spruce Tops
Spruce Tops
Spruce Tops

Perfect for outdoor pots and window boxes. We carry medium tops in 10 stem bundles, tall tops in 5 stem bundles, and tall tops by the single stem. Fresh tops are coming in regularly.


Cedar / Port Orford Cedar

One of our top sellers. Fragrant and fresh.


Coned Cedar
Cedar - Coned

Cedar with small brown cones on the tips.


Incesnse Cedar
Cedar - Incense

Cedar with yellow buds on the tips


Fir - Fraser

One of our top sellers. Perfect for home made wreaths, swags, or any arrangement.


Noble Fir
Fir - Noble

Thicker and fuller than fraser. Soild green both sides of the needles.


Silver Fir
Fir - Silver

A thicker, longer and softer needle fir. Perfect for the base of a homemade swag.



One of our top sellers. Perfect for adding a different color and texture to arrangements.


Blueberry Juniper
Juniper - Blueberry

More wispy foliage than traditional juniper and more plentiful blue berries on the stems.


Carolina Juniper
Juniper - Carolina

Growing in popularity. Another great option for a change in color and texture.


Mixed Greens
Mixed Greens

Mixed bunches of greens with a good sampling of our pine, fir, juniper and cedar.


Scotch Pine
Pine - Norway

A long needeled pine. Longer, thicker, fuller branches than white pine.


Shore Pine
Pine - Shore

A darker green than white pine with shorter needles.


White Pine
Pine - White

One of our best sellers. The classic Christmas pine.


XL Boughs
XL Boughs

Bunches of our fraser fir, noble fir, silver fir, white pine or norway pine left extra long for more flexibly.




A nice accent green. Great for some unique texture to your arrangements


Seeded Eucalyptus

We carry seeded, silver and baby eucalyptus. We can also get ahold of this fresh (in water) if you are looking for some for a wedding arrangement.


Dyed Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus - Dyed

Dyed seeded eucalyptus, available in red, burgundy, gold or silver.


Naked Euch
Eucalyptus - Naked

Seeded Euch without the leaves. Full branches of seed heads.



Natural magnolia adds amazing color to your Christmas arrangements.


Red Magnolia
Magnolia - Red

Dyed red for a pop of bright color.



Sold in the upright form. Excellent red berry.


Privet Berry
Privet Berry

A blue berry for the holiday season.


Rose Hips
Rose Hips

Subtle red pods for accents. They have thorns, so be careful!


Silver Bell Pods
Silver Bell Pods

A trendy accent. These hardy pods will add a unique touch to your arrangement.


Silver Sage
Silver Sage

A silver-gray accent. We sell it only in it's natural color.



One of our most popular accents. These bright red berries are perfect for any holiday pot.



Birch Logs
Birch Logs

A very trendy look! We sell birch logs both in individual logs (6'-10' in length) or in 3 packs, perfect for your pots.


Birch Fire Logs
Birch Fire Logs

Cut and perfect size for the yule log.


Curly Willow
Curly Willow

A classic branch in both green and yellow.



The classic holiday branch. These bright red or yellow branches brighten any pot or arrangement.


Flame Willow
Flame Willow

Just like dogwood, only orange in color.