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Open May through October • Saturday and Sunday • 6:30am to 1:30pm
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32 Threads
32 Threads (Occasional Weekends)
Molly Wulf, Owner
32Threads creates hand-crafted adornments for you and your home, including various hair accessories, hand-knotted scarves, embellished pouches, coasters, record bowls, and more! Her items are vintage-inspired and unique.
Bobs Designs
Bob's Designs ~ Paper Depot Lot, Saturdays
Robert Jensen, Owner
Beautiful wood turned products from one of the best craftsmen in the area. You'll enjoy the fine selection of pens, razors, bowls, candy dishes, yarn ball holders, and the like. Always something new to see!
Evla Pottery
Evla Pottery ~ S40, S41
Kimberly Christenson & Michael Coon, Owners
Evla Pottery is a family owned business with Michael at the wheel making functional art pieces: bowls, vases, platters and plates. They have clean artistic form and beautiful glaze patterns. His work reflects an Asian influence yet is stylistically his own.
Kazos Designs
Kazos Designs ~ S31
Bawn Kazos, Owner
Beautiful polymer clay beads, wine stoppers, home decor, and jewelry.
Mehndi Moon
Mehndi Moon ~ F14 Fenceline near SoCal Hut (Occasional Weekends)
Judy Ostrowski, Owner
Temporary Henna Tatoos & Body Art. Judy can do designs that you bring in or from a book but what we usually see her doing is "Intuitive Henna" and it's what she calls "the most unique Henna you've ever experienced." Come for a truly custom look and a long-lasting Henna creation. Be artful!
Starstone Jewelry
Starstone Jewelry ~ S34
Elizabeth Turan, Owner
Starstone Jewelry features semi-precious stone designs and freeform crochet jewelry from Istanbul! All of our beautiful stones are 100% authentic. The stunning crochet jewelry is all handmade and light as air. We also feature Ottoman Empire style designs and precious stone prayer beads. We are so excited for our first year at The Farmers Market Annex!
Starstone Jewelry
Tweet Suites (Spring Vendor, R3, May 4 ~ Early June)
Alvin Monson, Owner
Rustic and hand painted bird houses, and cedar bird feeders with stained glass inserts.