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Choose your level of particiation and click the link to get the forms you'll neeed:

1. Annual Vendor Application Packet
~ Annual ~ 27 weeks same location
~ Annual (modified) ~ 27 weeks, every other week same location

2. Occasional Weekend Vendor Application Packet
~ Occasional Weekend ~ casual attendance on a space available basis

3. Spring Vendor Application Packet
~ Spring ~ 1st 6 weeks of Market, save $60 over occasional weekend rates!

NOTE: The Minneapolis Health Dept gets involved with ALL food, click the links below to determine the correct forms

Sorry! NO CONCESSIONS openings at this time

If you need basic questions answered, like what can I sell or how do I get my tax ID, see an article we wrote just for you:

Business 101: How to Start a Business


Welcome to the largest open air market in the region!
Saturday and Sunday, May 2 - Nov 1, 2015, 6:30am - 1:00pm
The Minneapolis Farmers Market is an experience like no other. Thousands of people each weekend come for a European bazaar-like atmosphere. It's a fun, relaxing, pleasant time and best of all it's FREE to park and come experience. You'll find great products, the freshest fruits and vegetables, concessions, entertainment and different scheduled activities throughout the summer.

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Artists & Craftsmen Artists & Craftsmen There's something about meeting the artist that makes the creation more meaningful. You can't do that at a mass retailer, but you can meet our craftsmen. Maybe even commission something special. Uniquely yours! vendor profiles
Food Manufacturers & ResellersFood Manufacturers & Resellers We have become the premier incubator space for a growing local population of specialty food manufacturers. Good food, a lot of which is made from local ingredients, is what you can expect to find. Also, high quality items brought in by resellers.vendor profiles
Growers & Flower Sellers Growers & Flower Sellers Come and experience how really good fresh fruits and vegetables can be. It's the concept of slow food. Grown by local farmers, ripened naturally in the sun, harvested and sold to you at it's peak. Why did we ever get away from that? You'll never go back! vendor profiles
Specialty Resellers Specialty Resellers Our resellers are passionate about finding unique and wonderful products to carry. They scan the globe for that just right 'something' so you don't have to, and then they offer it to you at a great price. Aren't you lucky? vendor profiles