We are open NOW to October 27th, 2024 - Saturdays & Sundays 7:00am to 1:00pm

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The farmers market is OPEN, now through October 27th

What is a Next Generation Farmers Market?

A Next Generation Farmers Market is taking all you know and love about your local famers market, and opening it up to new experiences, new small businesses, making it not just a market, but an event.

It’s about making a market for ALL people: from diversity of products to diversity of people to accessibility, to affordability. We want this to be a market where everyone feels welcome, where everyone can get the experience they want; from a quick in and out for that morning’s freshest produce, to those who want to spend all day taking in the sights, sounds and smells, and all those in-between.

It’s about being a social hub for the community, not just in the North Loop, but in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities and the whole region. We want to be a destination, a place you can’t wait to visit with your family, with your friends, with your neighbors.

It’s about investing in our market. We offer permeant, climate controlled restrooms. We have an on site commercial kitchen for our vendors to use for food prep. We have pavilions to offer shade or cover from the rain. We keep our lot maintained and clean thanks to our hard working staff.

It's about making this the best farmers market experience you will have! That’s our goal. That’s what we believe a Next Generation Farmers Market is. Come visit us and see what it’s all about!

Small Family Businesses
We welcome venders, small family businesses, of all kinds to our market. From the traditional growers and concession vendors to jewelry makers, packaged food sellers, boutiques, specialty resellers, crafters, community groups and so much more. We, the Farmers Market Annex, are a small, family run business, and our mission has always been to support other small, family businesses; to give them a start, be their home, and spring board them to the next level. Because of this there is something for everyone to shop for at the Farmers Market Annex, and that’s exactly the way we love it!

Family Fun
We are a place for the whole family to come and spend a morning. We’ve talked about the unique mix of shopping, the great eats, but were are more than just that. We feature live music every weekend from local musicians. Get your kids face painted, have a balloon animal made, play a quick game of bag toss, grab a beer back in the beer garden. There is something here for every age, every person.

Live Music

Every Saturay and Sunday
Weather permitting
Now till October 27!
Events & Activites

August 4-10
Farmers Market Week
Beer Garden

Every Saturday and Sunday
9:30am - 1pm
In the Urban Garden area
Hosted by Unleashed Hounds and Hops

In Season
We wouldn’t be a farmers market without fresh, locally grown produce and flowers and EVERGREENS! These are some of our hardest working vendors, going from the fields the evening before the market, here to sell to you, then right back to fields for the next harvest. Locally grown vegetables, fruits and flowers from Minnesota and Wisconsin are here from around Mother’s Day though the end of October. What is in season changes every week, so visit often to see what is fresh this week at the market!

Updated June 19:
Bok Choy
Green onions
> Kohlrabi
> Mixed Bouquets
Thai Basil